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Playnite System 380+ AAA Game Download Resources

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Important Hint!!

Buying this link will send a U disk with a built-in game download resource account password, not a hard disk!

Not a hard drive! Not a hard drive!

So as not to cause losses to you! Please confirm before placing an order! Feel free to contact our online customer service if you have any questions

Purchase Notes

1.Dear buyers, due to the particularity of this product, once it is sold, it will not be returned or exchanged. Please be sure to confirm before placing an order.
2. Due to the huge game library, the download speed will be different based on the distance between the two countries and the number of people online. If you mind, we recommend that you buy our hard drives outright.
3. Do not share your account password with others, if the system detects this behavior, we will interrupt your game download.
4. We may modify the login password periodically. If you are unable to log in without downloading the game, please contact our online sales representative to update your password.


Download anytime !anywhere !

380+ AAA Game Resources for You to Download

We now have 380+ AAA blockbuster games, classic big games, and the latest releases! !
Note: You can contact our online sales representative for a list of games
List of Paynite game download resources:

Surprise! Update the Game for Free

This is really exciting news!
You can download constantly updated and added game assets in ftp. In addition to the existing 70+ classic AAA games, the later update frequency will remain stable and continue to increase, and you have the right to download for life!

Account Password Permanent Authorization

We promise to provide you with a permanently authorized account and password.
You can get 77 AAA game downloads, including the latest new games released, plus our database is always updated.
You can grab and download game assets at any time without worrying about downloading them all at once.

Dual Mode Display Support

Dual-mode display support, you can choose two display modes in the hard disk: full screen or list, and use the handle and keyboard control (steam-like, ps5-like) respectively. You can adjust it at any time according to your habits

DIY Function! Support Customization!

Playnite comes with features, you can add or even create your own themes, add favorites, record game play time, change game profiles and background images, and support adding your own original games to playnite and customizing it.


Support Windows 8.1 64 Bits, Windows 10 64 Bits, Windows 11 64 Bits

Support Full Screen Display

How to Download the Game?

01:Download Filezilla
02:Enter username and password to log in
03:Select the game file you want to download and copy it
04:Paste to your hard drive


Q:What hardware specifications do you recommend?
A:The higher the specification, the better the game performance, if you want to run 3D games such as PS3/PS2 smoothly
It is recommended to use a CPU above I5 and a discrete graphics card above 1050ti


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