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Mini 4K HD GD10 Game Stick

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Relive the classics:GD10 Game Stick

To the teammates who used to fight side by side, to the youth that we can’t go back
Shouting excitedly, the murmur of arcade buttons,at that time we could only forget and immerse ourselves in the world of our screen, but in a blink of an eye we are no longer a teenager

Product Specification

Product Name: Video Game Console GD10 4K Game Stick
CPU: Aigame 905X
System: Emuelec4.3
Support TF Card Expansion, Max 256GB
Games: Buit-in 15000+/30000+/40000+ Games with 32GB/64GB/128GB card
Support users to download Related Format Games
Support more large 3D Games.
Function: With search function, collection function, game progress saving function
Output: HDMI-compatible output, Output 60FPS Max, HD 2.1D output 1280*720 resolutions
Languages: English/Chinese/Korea Game Languages, over 20 system operation languages
Wireless Controller: 2.4G Wireless Controller Support 1-2 Player, Get rid of the limitation of the cable and play freely
Support 40+ Simulators:Support games for PSP,PS1,N64,CP1,CP2,CP3,Neogeo,GBX,MAME.FC.FCE,SFC,GB.GBA.GBC.MDNGPC and other simulators.

Package List

1 x 4K Game Stick
2 x 2.4G Wireless Controller
1 x USB Wireless Receiver
1 x HD extension Cable
1 x TF Card
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x User Manual

Powerful function

Multi-mode adaptation
Control optimization
No operation freeze
Progress archive
Engineering design

Upgrade S905X Chip

Amlogic S905X quad-core 64-bit, with stronger resolution and smoother operation

Multi-emulators compatible,plug and play

Support PSP, PS1, N64, CP1, CP2, CP3, Neogeo, GBX, MAME, FC, FCE, SFC, GB, GBA, GBC, MDNGPC, MEGADRIVE, GAMEGEAR, SEGAGENESIS, SG-1000 and other 40+ simulators, can be added game

Built-in Games ,plug&play

32GB with 15000 games
64GB with 30000 games
128GB with 40000 games

Support multi-player games

Equipped with two wireless controllers, you can play games with friends and family at any time
Portable special mini game stick is suitable for:long-distance bus, business trip and hotel, family gathering


Support 4K Ultra HD output

HD high-definition output suitable for multiple scenes
It has TV box function, you can watch TV and movies online and experience the fun of home theater

Available in 28 +languages worldwide

Support download games

Step 1:Download “ROM”of XXX Game
Step 2:Put“ROM”into TF card
Step 3:Found in the game list
Step 4:Play it!

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