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Hyper Base Series S905X3 Game/TF Card

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The latest EmuELEC 4.5

This game card is based on EmuELEC 4.5 system and is compatible with most boxes with S905X2, S905X3, S922X, A311D chips
Officially Supported Devices: Hardkernel, Khadas, Beelink, Libre Computer (and others) any device with a supported CPU.

If you are not sure if it is suitable for your machine, you can contact our online sales representative

Pre-installed 70+emulators

Prefect for PS1/PSP/N64/DC/MAME/NES/Sega Saturn/Atari/Arcade/C64/NES/SNES/NDS/3DO/DC/MAOMI etc
You can find every emulator you can imagine here.

Built-in 110000+ games, Plug and play

Support more game resources
Plug and play, 110,000+ games (512GB) installed, and 10,000+ 3D games included. It also supports saving game progress/status, casual games, competitive games, sports games, single player games, multiplayer games
Covers every retro game you can imagine and takes you back to happy childhood memories

Perfectly compatible 

JMachen's latest dual-in-one multi-function host, native Android TV 9.0+ latest EmuELEC 4.5, built-in 110000+ classic retro games, Perfectly Run PS1/ PSP/ DC/ N64/ NDS/Sega Saturn/MAME etc, compatible with most software, games, and applications, and supports free TV watching Movies, browsing the web, etc. to meet your entertainment needs

64G With 51000+Games

128G With 68000+Games

256G With 90000+Games

512G With 110000+Games

Buy with confidence!

We want to thank you for shopping with the JMachen store, now you have over 100,000 retro games in the palm of your hand
We try our best to explain this product in detail for you. If you encounter more questions during the operation, you are welcome to contact our online sales representative at any time. We are very happy to answer your questions. I wish you a happy day!

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