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JMachen External Game HDD Hyper Base Playnite 5TB

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100% Plug and Play , No Driver Needed

It runs directly in the Windows system and does not affect the use of Windows. You can directly access the game directory in the system to add games.

Pre-loaded 209+AAA Games

We have pre-installed 209+AAA games for you, all of which are classic large-scale games, and also include newly released new games, you can play directly, plug and play, you can contact us of online customer service to get a list of games

Support for 70+Emulators

The playnite system supports 70+ emulators, supports for PS5/PS4/PS3/PS2/PS1/PSP/GAME CUBE/N64/DC/Wii/WiiU/Sega Saturn/MAME/3DO etc

High Compatibility

For the operating system, RetroBat is only supported on 64 Bit Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11. You can check your PC by right clicking ‘This PC’ and choose ‘Properties’.

Dual Mode Display

Two display modes can be selected in the hard disk, full screen or list, and controlled by the joystick and the mouse respectively

Fast Transmission Speed:6GB/S

USB 3.0 Interface,fast transmission speed.
Up to 6GB/s.

Support 28+Languages

The system supports 28+ languages, which can be purchased and used by players around the world

Support Full Screen Display

Support multiplayer to play games online at the same time

Three controller sizes for your choice

Three Controllers for Your Choice
Choose your favorite model from the three controllers.
① 706W (Wireless controller)
2.4G Wireless Gamepad For Video Game Consoles/PS3/PC/Game HDD/Smart TV BOX/Phone Game Controller USB Joystick Game Accessories
② 218 (Wired controller)
Wired PC Game Controller USB Gaming Gamepad Joystick For Sony PS3/Video Game Console/TV Box/Android Dual Vibration Motor Gamepad
③ D2E (Betop vibration controller)
BETOP D2E Wired Gamepad for PS4/PS3/PC/TV Box/Steam/Super Console X Mini Pc Game Controller Wired Handle USB Connection Joypad

Update Game Resources for Free

It is worth mentioning that we have established a global download server, so no matter which model you buy, we can provide you with free game download resources, real-time updates, and lifetime availability, if you need, you can contact us

Package List

Hyper base PN5T HDD*1
USB 3.0 Cable*1
User Manual *1
Controller*0/2(three models)
Bag*1(When you buy two controllers)


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