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Hyper Base Playnite 12T

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Game List:

100% Plug and Play, No Driver Needed

100% Plug and Play, no need to install and download, playnite system can It runs directly in the Windows system and does not affect the use of Windows. You can directly access the game directory in the system to add games.

Pre-installed 380+AAA Games

12T game hard disk, large storage space.
We have pre-installed 380+AAA games for you, all of which are classic large-scale games, and also include newly released new games, you can play directly, plug and play, you can contact us of online customer service to get a list of games

High Compatibility/Support Windows System

High compatibility, support for 64 bit windows 8.1/10/11

Support Dual Mode

Dual mode support, you can choose two display modes in the hard disk, full screen display or list display, and use handle and mouse control respectively. You can adjust it at any time according to your own habits

Support DIY

Rich DIY functions, Playnite has its own functions, you can add or even create themes, add favorites, record game play time, change game profile and background image, support adding your own original games to playnite and customize it.

FREE!Upgrade AAA Games!

The game resources in the database are updated in real time, and the game resources that are constantly updated and added can be downloaded in ftp. The hard disk comes with 388 games, and the update frequency will remain stable and increase continuously in the later period

Support Multiplayer Games

Support multiple people to play games online at the same time! Have fun with the game with family and friends

Fast Transmission Speed:6GB/S

USB 3.0 Interface,fast transmission speed


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