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Hyper Base GC 3TB Three System in One Retro Gaming HDD

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What Can I do with it?

A Special Gift

It is the best choice to give to children, family and friends, to pay tribute to the classics and recall childhood.
This game controller supports wired and wireless controller connections. It is an entertainment artifact for family entertainment, parent-child interaction, friend gatherings, and brother battles! Play online with up to 5 players!

Convenient Game Front End, 100% Plug & Play

Three Systems in One 3TB HDD

①Launchbox OS: Launchbox game system pre-installed with 4260+ large-scale games,supports modern games and emulates retro games, providing a smooth and delay-free gaming experience.
②Retrobat OS: Retrobat game system comes with 13,000+ retro games and is compatible with 22 emulators. RetroBat is designed to automate simulation stations with RetroArch and standalone emulators, perfect for fans of classic games.
③Playnite OS: Playnite game system is an open source video game library manager, we have 87 AAA PC games pre-installed, and more large games are waiting for you to play!

Supports Retro and Modern Emulators

Hyper Base GC 3T Gaming HDD supports PS4/PS3/PS2/PS1/WII/WIIU/Game Cube/SWITCH/SS/MAME/3do/N64/NDS/NES/DC/Saturn/SNES/Sega Genesis /atarist/neogeo and other 39 emulators

Pre-loaded 17000+Games!No Duplication!

The game hard drive contains 87 AAA Games, 4260+3D games and 13000+Classic Retro Games
In addition, Open port, support downloading and adding more games

Surprise! Free Updates for 10,0000+ Games

By purchasing this product, you will have the permission to log in to our ftp to permanently download game resources;
Contains 10,0000+ retro games, massive 3D games, and more AAA games;
Note: Please contact customer service for download instructions.


Apply for Windows 8.1/10/11 PC and Laptop

This product only supports startup of computer devices with 64-bit Windows 8.1 and above systems, not TVs!
Our Recommended configuration:
1:i5 or above CPU produced in 8th generation and later
2: GTX1050ti and above GPU

Don’t understand English? It doesn't matter! Support multiple languages

This three-system-in-one game hard drive supports 26 languages including English, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Arabic. You can switch the language to your usual language for easier operation.

Higher Speed, Lower Latency

WD 3.5-inch SATA HDD
Up to 6GB/S
128 MB Cache

Package List

Hyper Base GC HDD*1(3T)
USB 3.0 cable*1
Controller(three models)
Power Plug(US/UK/AU/EU)

Choose Your Favorite Controller

If you don't have your own gamepad, choose your favorite model from three controllers!
① 706W (wireless handle)
2.4G wireless game controller, no need to be bound by wires, no delay!
② 218 (wired controller)
Wired PC Game Controller, Supports Dual Vibration Motor Gamepads
③ D2E (wired controller)
BETOP D2E wired gamepad supports vibration motor function, giving you a better gaming experience!


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